Monday, January 7, 2013

Tea Inspired Hobbies

Summer holidays always inspire me to start a project or two, something about warm weather, long afternoons and a more relaxed schedule.  Often my projects are tea inspired, as you might expect.  In this case my inspiration comes from a tea blog I follow as well as the creativity of my sister in Wellington.

Not a lot of skill required to create these lovely cake and biscuit platters.  The first is simply a glass candlestick glued to a glass plate but isn't it effective?
The second design could be used either way up, again all you need is a decent quality glue and modicum of imagination.  The local second hand bric a brac shop is fertile hunting ground for pedestal platter materials.
Lastly something a bit more difficult.  Not anything I've tried at home but found on the internet whilst browsing.  The perfect tea lovers accessory, teapot wind chimes.
My glue of choice is Gorilla Glue, available at most hardware shops.