Sunday, March 5, 2017

About GABA Oolong

What is it about GABA Oolong?

Research shows that GABA tea (GABA an acronym for gamma-Aminobutyric acid) was created in Japan and refers to tea that has undergone an oxygen-free fermentation process. Once fermented this way the tea leaves accumulated and stored GABA.

Starting in 1984 Tojiro Tsushida and his collaborators from the then MAFF National Research Institute of Tea (now the National Institute of Vegetables and Tea Science) successfully produced a new type of tea where all the glutamic acid had been converted to GABA without changing the catechin or caffeine content.

Through fermenting green tea for 6 to 10 hours in an oxygen-free environment (instead Nitrogen was used) they found that GABA accumulated in the tea leaves.

The experiment was then rolled out to include oolong and black tea and the same result occurred in so far as the accumulation of GABA was concerned.

Outside of the chemical processes involved to produce this GABA rich product, the recorded benefits have been identified as follows:

  • Reduction in hypertension
  • Improved sleep
  • Lowering blood pressure
  • Among many other benefits.

TEA TOTAL have two types of GABA Oolong tea available:

For even more information watch this video to find out more:

Monday, February 20, 2017


What is it about being a brand ambassador?

If I put my consumer hat on, being awarded/gifted/given the title of 'Brand Ambassador' for any brand recognizes me as a 'super-customer' of sorts and someone who is an advocate of the brand or product.

When I put my TEA TOTAL hat on and in the context of our Brand Ambassador campaign for 2017 the rationale is no different from what I mention above.  It is about rewarding, recognizing and supporting our 'super-customers' and 'super-fans' in what they are already doing: Sharing the love of tea and in particular, the TEA TOTAL brand of tea.

In 2017 recipients of the title TEA TOTAL Brand Ambassador 2017 will enjoy:

  • 20% discount on their purchases online and instore for 12 months
  • 6 free sample teas delivered to their door every month - each month a set of different teas
  • A designer teapot as part of their welcome pack
  • By virtue of the above, the recipients will also enjoy bragging rights - because it is all about bragging rights!
If you think you are a Brand Ambassador and just need to be awarded the title to make it official - apply now.  Hit this link:  [All the relevant details you will find there].

We look forward to reviewing your application and thank you for sharing the #tealove


Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Whether you drink black teas, green teas or an array of herbals, pyramids are great as travel companions or for making Tea Tonics. 

Have a look at these two short videos and you'll understand why pyramid bags have become so popular.

Pyramid Tea Bags and Tea Tonics...

Pyramid Tea Bags... the truth.

Get your versatile and convenient pyramid tea bags at Tea Total online now.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Breakfast Tea...

Recently, Bevan Lynch - resident tea fiend from TEA TOTAL - visited Sri Lanka to learn more about where our favourite breakfast tea comes from.  Watch the video below to learn more about Sri Lanka, the tea process and the general business of tea on this island nation off the coast of India.

TEA TOTAL Special Breakfast Blend can be bought online here: Special Breakfast Blend.

Thursday, September 8, 2016


A recent trend that I am fortunate to witness brewing whilst working with our product and customers is the rise of herbal teas.

In the past people would rely on anecdotal stories handed down from grannies and moms – stories of certain herbs steeped in hot water and when consumed the resultant beverage would treat a certain ailment. Pregnant mums for example would come through the store here at Apollo drive clearly in their final trimester – and purchase Raspberry Leaf herbal tea. Those keen on Rooibos tea would purchase their favourite variation because of the flavour but also because Rooibos is generally known for being rich in antioxidants and is also caffeine-free. Local herbalists purchase the Manuka and Flower Detox tea as well as the Ginger Kawakawa Spice tea for their purported healing properties. And of course let’s not forget chamomile tea – a well-known sleeping aid.

Whilst we were seeing this groundswell of a trend towards functional herbal teas in our store here in Auckland, this trend was confirmed by Anna Salek who recently attended the Sydney Tea Festival. There tea merchants were focused primarily on providing customers with teas that perform a certain function: sleeping tea; detox tea; energising tea; focus tea among many others.

As consumers become more and more conscious of not only where their chosen food and drink originates from and how it is sourced and prepared, they are also becoming more aware of what they are consuming and how it may or may not help them functionally. And because tea is the most consumed beverage in the world after water, the entire tea category is certainly being affected and influenced by what I call: conscious consumerism.

While we at TEA TOTAL are not nutritionists or scientific professionals able to give advice or prescribe certain teas to treat ailments and the like, we are professionals at understanding how our products perform and can say that we stock the products we stock because they taste great. Anything outside of that is a bonus.

On that note however, I am reminded of a quote: “Let food be your medicine and not medicine be your food.” 

And since tea has been around for 4000 years, I reckon it is a safe bet.

For our herbal tea range – visit the following link:

Saturday, August 27, 2016

WE ARE 21!

Remember when you turned 21? 

I'm guessing there were presents and a party! We're dispensing with the party and going straight to presents ;)

Any purchase you make online between now and 31st August will get 21% off. 

 Use the code GET21 at time of checkout. 

 This deal is online only, not through our TEA TOTAL Concept Store.

Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016


It is winter. It is cold. Aside from fireplaces, heaters, electric blankets, coats, scarves and other items that keep us warm from the outside in, tea has this incredible ability to warm us from the inside out.

This month we want to shout about our herbal tea: Rooibos (Pronounced: Roy – Boss) or directly translated into English as ‘Red Bush’.

You see, Rooibos is technically not a tea (from the Camelia Sinensis species) but rather a shrub that grows in only one area in the world – the Cedarberg in the Western Cape of South Africa in what is now a protected World Heritage site approximately 200km north of Cape Town.

Anecdotally, Rooibos has been used by locals there for more than just drinking pleasure. When there is a skin ailment – it is bathed in. For pregnant and new mums nursing their babies – the tea is drunk in copious amounts to ease the body’s changing biomechanics. To aid in increasing ones appetite – it is also consumed (although of all the urban legends I have heard I am not so sure about this one).

Lastly – the great thing about Rooibos is that it is also caffeine free.

Whether you like your Rooibos flavoured, unflavoured, with a bit of spice, with some lemon or with some real chocolate stars we have no doubt it will warm you up from the inside out - especially this time of year.

Go ahead. Get your Red Bush on here!

Sunday, June 26, 2016


With so many teapot shapes, colours and materials. How do you know what to buy?

Anna Salek - owner and founder of TEA TOTAL - has put together a video that will guide you through the selection process. While not a teapot collector herself (except for the last couple on the video) Anna has had the opportunity to test various teapots over the last 20+ years.  

Anna's experience might save you a little time and money if you are looking to acquire a teapot for your tea drinking pleasure.

To find out more about our range visit TEA TOTAL's online store.

Enjoy the clip and feel free to leave your comments below.

Monday, May 16, 2016


We are very fortunate to have many people from all walks of life come into our Concept Store and the most interesting observation for me has come from the gentlemen visiting us.

If these gentlemen are not buying something for their partner they are invariably buying something for themselves and it is usually green tea. What is more interesting is the story behind why these gents are looking for green tea - the story usually starts like this:

“I am trying to have less coffee and looking for a green tea to replace it…”

Of course there are variations on this commentary but for the most part the sentiment is they are looking to drink less coffee and to enjoy a green tea as a replacement/alternative.

So, for the gentlemen who cannot make it into our concept store and are looking to curb their coffee intake and start enjoying green tea as an alternative here are some key benefits of doing so:
  • Green tea makes you smarter
A combination of caffeine (60% less than coffee) and L-theanine (a chemical which is able to cross the blood-brain barrier) green tea also has anti-anxiety effects and increases dopamine and production of alpha waves in the brain. Green tea as a result gives a different and much milder ‘buzz’ than coffee.
  • Green tea increases fat burning and improves performance
Take a look at any ‘fat-burning’ supplement and chances are, green tea will be on the ingredients list.
  • Green tea may lower risk of various types of cancer
According to science, cancer is caused by the uncontrolled growth of cells and it is one of the world’s leading causes of death. Green tea is an excellent source of antioxidants and could reduce risk of cancer. For example in one study it was found that men drinking green tea had a 48% lower risk of developing prostate cancer – the most common cancer in men.

The list can go on and for more detail please visit this link which covers other benefits of consuming green tea:

To enjoy a selection of green teas, the Little Tin of Samples (filled with your selection of green teas to try) may be the way to go. Or just dive right in and get our best-selling flavoured green tea Japanese Lime, or try our unflavoured Jade Green Sencha for a more authentic green tea taste.

Lastly, watch this video below to see how you can make a great cup of green tea.  There is a method (dare we say: art) to making a great green brew.

Please note: We at TEA TOTAL cannot offer medical advice so please do seek medical guidance from your chosen medical professional when assessing your dietary habits. We can however say that we think our teas taste great and any medical enhancement/improvement is a bonus.

Enjoy the Great Green Brew

Bevan Lynch: Tea Fiend
Bevan Lynch: Tea Fiend

Monday, April 11, 2016


The truth is, not all tea bags are created equally.  Anna Salek - The New Zealand Tea Lady and TEA TOTAL Owner and Founder explains the difference between a Pyramid Tea Bag from TEA TOTAL compared to the tea bags most supermarket brands offer customers to enjoy.

Feel free to leave a comment below or share this with your community to ensure we all know the truth. :)