Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Eating Tea in 2014

After reading the tea leaves to see what new food trends we'll be tasting in the coming year, those in the know predict tea itself is the trend.  Apparently tea leaves will be big in entrees and deserts as well as a whole host of beverages other than tea as we know it.

Take beer - the Yeastie Boys in Wellington are doing a brew with Earl Grey, another Wellington brewer uses Rosehips while Iki Beer in Asia brews with green tea.

Royal-TeaMasu restaurant in Sky City make a variety of cocktails with a tea base and many restaurants are using both fruit and traditional teas as a base for smoking food or in deserts.

Try this simple tea based cocktail made with our Earl Grey Special

2 parts gin
2 parts brewed and chilled Earl Grey Special
Squeeze of lemon juice
Spoonful of sugar or to taste
Garnish with lime slices