Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bespoke Teapots

In my opinion there is nothing more beautiful than a bespoke teapot.  I'm not a great collector of teapots preferring function over form when it comes to tea making although there are a few meaningful pieces dotted around our house.  A blue and gold whimsical piece given to us for our wedding, a gnarly old fairy astride the spout of another made for my fortieth and a teapot entitled 'The Lovers' which I paid off over a couple of months having just started in the tea business.  All have significant meaning not just for their beauty but also for the sentiment behind the piece and yes, they all brew nicely.  Obviously I'm not alone in my love of bespoke teapots as I happened upon a New Zealand blog entitled Pots and Tea.  Below are photos from their site.