Monday, September 28, 2015


For most of us tea drinkers, tea leaves or bags serve once to brew a cup and then end up straight in the bin. However, those lovely little leaves still have a lot to offer long after the pot has gone cold. 

There are many great ways old tea leaves can be used to get the most out of them. Here are just a few ideas…

1. Feed your plants

Tea for your plants...

Your garden and pot plants will love tea as much as you do. Sprinkling used tea leaves at the base of plants creates a great natural fertilizer. The leaves are still full of minerals that haven’t been extracted through brewing.

You can also refill your tea pot with cold water to make a weak second brew that can be used to water pot plants and help them thrive.
Tea for animal odours
2. Neutralize odours

Tea leaves naturally absorb odours; sprinkle some used leaves in a cat’s litter box, leave some out in the fridge or at the bottom of a bin to neutralize bad smells around the house. 

3. Wash your hands

Get rid of those lingering traces of garlic and onion on your hands by rubbing them with used green tea leaves before washing.

4. Sooth your skin

The tannins naturally found in tea can have anti-inflammatory properties. Cool used tea leaves and bags can provide relief to minor burns, stings and puffy eyes. Alternatively, add used tea to a bath for an all-over soothing soak.

But first, you need to have some tea to do this! Visit us at to enjoy your favourite brew and also try your hand at the suggestions above.