Sunday, March 1, 2015


Tea in India only gained popularity as a national beverage in the 19th century after the British began creating large scale tea plantations in order to ensure adequate supplies for their country’s growing thirst. As a result India now is one of the world’s largest suppliers of tea, and yet because of this very recent history relative to the nations of the Far East, tea has not had time to appropriate any elaborate tea rituals as in Japan or China.

In India, tea is more a part of everyday life at home, work, on the streets and while traveling.

Cha-ya is the preferred style of tea sold and consumed on the streets, in train stations and in eateries. Cha-ya is traditionally a strong black tea, spiced with cardamom, fennel, cloves or other spices which is then sweetened with sugar and mixed with milk for a sweet and creamy beverage that many Westerners and Europeans would know as Chai tea.

Although it can be drunk alone, Cha-ya is often enjoyed with a savoury snack like samoosas. Usually street vendors or train stations will sell this tea in small clay cups that are only used once, and then smashed after use.
Cha-ya in clay cups - 

Whether enjoyed on the street or at home, Cha-ya provides respite from the heat or weariness from travel or work.

You can bring this Indian Tea Tradition into your home by making Cha-ya using tried and tested recipes or you could just go to Tea Total and get some TEA TOTAL Nepal Masala Chai tea to enjoy.

Whatever you choose, we hope you have your tea just the way you like it.

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